Exchange year in Poland

The exchange year programme in Poland starts in August and ends in June of the following year. There are three main seminars throughout the year, all of which are held in different regions of Poland, allowing students to visit and experience more of what Poland has to offer.

The year begins with a 2-week language course. It takes place in the Imperial Castle of Poznań, where YFU Poland’s office is located. At that time students get to know the basics of Polish language and culture.

In January, all exchange students and their host siblings meet for a mid-year orientation. During this two-day event they summarise their progress over the past six months and visit some of the most important parts of the city, learning about Poland’s rich history.

Last but not least, in springtime all students and their host siblings spend one of May weekends at a re-entry orientation.This event wraps up the students’ exchange year in Poland and prepares them for their journey back home.

Let this year be the year you discover Poland.


Would you like to discover one of Europe’s most interesting tourist destinations? How about a fun weekend together in a group of international YFU students and volunteers? Our Discover Poland programme offers you the opportunity to do just that!

Every year YFU Poland organises weekend trips to some of the most iconic cities in the country. In the spirit of international friendship and cooperation, we invite not only our Inbound Students, but also Inbound Students from neighbooring organizations to join the fun, explore Poland, and spend a fantastic time together!

Okay, all of that sounds pretty great, but how do you actually apply? It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is complete the form below. Once we receive it, you will be automatically added to the participants list. There! It’s that simple!


trip schedule overview 2023/2024:

  • November 2nd-5th – Cracow Trip autumn 2023
  • March 14th-17th – Cracow Trip spring 2024 
  • May 10th-12th – Gdańsk Trip spring 2024

APPLICATIONS FOR CRACOW TRIP aNd Gdańsk trip 2024 will open soon!

Click here to see the full Cracow Trip offer* 

Click here to see the full Gdańsk Trip offer* 

*Presented in the attachment a trip OFFER. Whether or not the trip will take place depends on the number of students interested (min. 15 in total, from all organizations combined).


Find your local YFU office and contact them for more information about the exchange programs to Poland!


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With a rich legacy of culture, Poland has a substantial stock of exceptional artworks exhibited across galleries and modern art museums both locally and internationally, world known musicians and award winning movie directors.